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Means Found to Grow Crystals that Could Improve Computer Chips


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Generally, liquids and electronics do not mix well and can lead to the electronics' failure, which can be a problem if applying a material to a device requires a liquid. This has been the case with metal organic frameworks (MOFs) as they are grown and applied with a liquid solvent, but because MOFs could increase the performance of electronic devices, researchers have been searching for a solution. Now those at CSIRO, the University of Leuven, and the National University of Singapore have discovered how to grow these crystals from a vapor.

The two points that make MOFs so interesting are that we can design their size and shape and that they are very porous. A gram of MOF crystals can have a surface area equal to that of a football field. By trapping different molecules within these crystals, their properties can be altered, and that could translate to fitting more transistors into a microchip. Beyond that, these MOFs could also be used to create advanced chemical sensing devices.

Source: CSIRO Australia

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