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Just Cause 3 Reviewed

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The game itself is kind of short and the collectables are marked on the map which takes away the fun of you having to find them. There are too many "challanges" and not enough story and missions to be honest.


The new vehicles are kind of cool, but so far, on a PC, all the motorcycles handle like crap. The steering on them is horrible which sucks because in JC2, the Hamaya 600 was my favorite toy to go mess with the locals.


The new weapons are great and the best part is the retractable tethers.


The map is HUGE, but to be honest, there is soooooooo much dead space that is nothing more than scenery. Nothing to find there or look for.


Not trying to ruin anyone's hopes, but it hasn't lived up to JC2 by a long shot for me. The repeatability just isn't there.


Now To wait for Borderlands 3 since the PreSequel was a failure :-(

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