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Smallest Inkjet-Printed Color Image Made


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If you peruse the Guinness World Records you are certainly going to find some unusual entries, and one of the new ones is the world's smallest inkjet-printed color image. The image of clown fish around sea anemones is just 80 micrometers by 115 micrometers, which is small enough to require a special microscope to see. It was printed using 3D NanoDrip technology developed at ETH Zurich, and has now been spun off to the company Scrona.

To create the 24 bit color image, the quantum dots were used, which are nanoparticles that can be designed to emit specific colors. The colors were put down in layers of red, green, and blue dots with their thicknesses controlled with sub-nanometer precision. The distance between each pixel is 500 nm, so the image itself is 25,000 DPI.

Currently quantum dots are finding uses in displays, thanks to their intense colors, and with this level of precision having been achieved we could see some new and interesting applications for them in electronics and optics. Right now though, the precision is being used to print images and you can have one made for you by backing Scrona's Kickstarter, which ends January 9.

Source: ETH Zurich

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