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p8z77-v pro problems

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I started up my computer yesterday and the screen defaulted to 640x480 and windows labeled it as something like a wireless-mobile monitor. I though it was just a glitch so I restarted. Now the computer will not POST.


The motherboard gets stuck on the Boot_Device_LED and will refuse to bring the display out of sleep. Diagnosing, I have reset CMOS for a few minutes, dropped down to one stick of RAM, and removed the GPU in favor of the iGPU as well as remove all peripherals except KB/mouse. Basically everything.


I have also tried to start the computer with my SSD on various Intel 3G ports, both Intel 6G ports, and finally no SATAs connected at all. Still same hang. I might try reseating the CPU, however that is a PITA and will save for last.


I was hoping someone here had an idea. I am on the latest BIOS and my OC was mild (4.3ghz at 1.9-ish volts I believe) with everything else stock.

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Ha. sorry, 1.19v. I got it up and running now though. I think it was a combination of a failing display port cable (back to good 'ol DVI now) and idk, something else. I reseated the CPU and just kept CCMOS-ing and trying different variations of SATA ports and display cables and it randomly decided working again.


Oddly enough, my old saved BIOS profiles don't work anymore. I try to load em up and it just hangs the bios until I reset, not changing anything. Eh, easy enough to manually set up.

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