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AMD Zen Architecture to Have Multiple Generations Over 3-5 Years


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Since it was first unveiled in May, with rumors leaking before it, AMD's upcoming Zen CPU architecture has been of great interest to many. Based on what has come out about it, this architecture should be significantly better than the company's current offerings, and potentially it could lead to a much-needed turnaround. Based on recent comments from AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, the company is confident enough to be planning on multiple Zen generations for years to come.

At the 19th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference it was stated that "Zen+" and "Zen follow ons" will be on the roadmap for three to five years. As the Zen architecture has been designed from scratch, which is a multi-year process, it is not surprising that it will serve as a broad platform for multiple years. We can certainly expect to find it entering devices from laptops and mainstream desktops to high-end desktops and enterprise machines.

Source: WCCFtech

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