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Patch 6.86 Announced for Dota 2


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With the recent conclusion of The Summit 4 and the upcoming World Cyber Arena 2015 tournaments, Valve and the mighty IceFrog have announced patch 6.86 for Dota 2. Titled "The Balance of Power Update," one of the most significant changes to the game is the introduction of a new hero, Zet the Arc Warden. Zeus also receives a rework and an Arcana item, as voted on during The International 5. A comic is included that highlights the new item and hero. The desert terrain map, a reward from TI5, has also been added along with an extensive list of map changes. The Dota 2 client will now present improved hero stats to players, an updated armory interface and store, and the ability to create private chat channels. Several new in-game items were added, and some heroes received ability changes. Check out the full patch notes for info on the extensive list of changes to all of the heroes. Anyone that has looked at my Steam profile can see that Dota 2 is my favorite and most played game and I cannot wait to try out the new patch.

Source: Valve

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