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BIOS Update Enables Intel Skylake Overclocking


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With the release of Sandy Bridge processors in 2011, Intel started to sell separate models of its processors with a "K" designation, signifying that the CPU was unlocked and overclockable. It was rumored that base clock speed overclocking would return with the release of the latest Skylake processors, but the K series was again required to have access to overclocking. Fortunately for enthusiasts, ASRock has come to the rescue with a BIOS update, enabling overclocking on non-K series CPUs. The update will be released for Z170 motherboards soon and will enable base clock changes, though the multiplier will remain locked. It remains to be seen if other manufacturers will follow suit, or if users will have to choose ASRock motherboards for their non-K series Skylake overclocking needs.

Source: Tech Spot

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