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BIOSTAR Helps Bring Father & Son Closer Through Gaming


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It's always nice to hear stories of companies giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate among us, and BIOSTAR is the latest company to help out. The company recently helped Michael Gaughan, a father that had suffered a stroke four years earlier placing him on a long road to recovery, build a "dream PC" for his son serving in the US Army. Gaughan sought BIOSTAR's help to make the PC in order to play the latest games with his son like they used to in the past, helping him to cope with the stress of active military duty. He described the experience of working with BIOSTAR stating, "I built this with the help from very generous people and companies like BIOSTAR, who came through with the missing parts for the motherboard. They have been very supportive in this process from start to finish. I want to thank BIOSTAR for all their help and support in making this happen."

Source: Press Release

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