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Intel Skull Canyon NUC Could be Available Soon


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The Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is Intel's entry into the small form factor prebuilt system market, and having just recently bought one I find it to be a great system for the price. Unfortunately, currently available NUCs rely on sub par integrated graphics and aren't the best choice for gaming systems. According to a leaked PDF obtained by CMT Labs, Intel is looking to change that with Skull Canyon powered NUCs in Q1 2016, providing the most powerful NUC graphics option to date. The Skull Canyon system would "boost the present Iris Graphics 540's potential by 50 per cent on a clock-for-clock basis, pushing potential throughput to over 1TFLOPS for the first time." If anyone out there is looking to buy a small form factor system in the near future, it might be worth waiting a little while to see if Intel delivers on the rumors.

Source: Hexus

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