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Various CPU Coolers Are Likely Damaging Intel Skylake CPUs


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Owners of Intel Skylake processors have begun reporting that their CPUs are being damaged, apparently due to the CPU coolers that are being utilized within system builds. This is due to the substrate on Skylake processors being thinner than that of previous generations, though Intel is claiming that Skylake CPUs still feature the same 50 pound maximum static load as prior generations. Various manufacturers of CPU coolers for Skylake products have publically noted that while their products may be compatible with socket 1151, the mounting pressure as well as the weight of the coolers may potentially cause damage, especially during shipping. Scythe, for example, has revealed that while its mounting system is compatible with Skylake sockets, it is providing owners of its Ashura, Mugen 4, Mugen 4 PCGH-Edition, Fuma, Ninja 4, Grand Kama Cross 4, Mugen Max, and Kotetsu products with a new set of screws that reduces overall mounting pressure, decreasing the risk of damage.

Intel is currently investigating the reports of damaged Skylake CPUs caused by CPU coolers, but did note that it does not test third-party cooling solutions and simply provides vendors with specifications guidelines that they are supposed to follow.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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