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DIY Guide: Painting Trim on White Corsair C70 Vengeance PC Case

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White Corsair c70 Vengeance Mid Tower case. I've chosen to paint the front bezel and window trim Red. You can use this guide for painting the plastic trim on any manufactured PC case.




Here is my suggested Tools & Supplies:


NOTE: I prefer using SEM brand professional self-etching primer for all of my paint projects because it's compatible with all material types and dries within 60 minutes in 60F - 75F temp environment. You won't find this specialized product at retail auto part stores. It's normally found at Autobody Specialty suppliers or Amazon. It's very toxic for your lungs, so apply in well ventilated area and wear a filtered respirator mask which is recommended with any other Aerosol paints as well. I can guarantee your paint job will yield same results as mine if you use different paint brand / type in different stages as mine or environmental temps.


Large Phillips Screw driver

Large Flat head Screw driver

Micro Flat head Screw driver

Red Scotchbrite Pad

SEM Self Etching Primer (Substitute brand OK)

Rustoleum brand Automotive Enamel, RED

Rustoleum brand Automotive Enamel, CLEAR (not pictured)

Super or Krazy Glue



Red Scotchbrite Pad




I will also be swapping out the window to non-ventilated version.




You need to remove the 16x Black screws in the Corsair c70 side panel to remove the factory window and plastic trim.










Black plastic Corsair c70 plastic window trim removed.




To remove the front bezel trim, you need to remove the fan filter.




The bezel trim is held in place with tiny pegs on backside of the trim. These pegs were melted by the factory to hold the trim in place.




Use the Large Flat head screw driver to scrape off the top of the melted pegs. You will use Super glue later to re-install the bezel trim.




Use Micro head flat head screw driver to pry off the bezel trim.






The front bezel trim is actually four individual pieces, but you can keep the bezel intact while painting it.

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Use Scotchbrite Pad to scuff the surface of the Plastic on both the bezel and window trim pieces. This will help create adhesion for the primer coat. Skipping this step will increase the chances of your paint chipping off over time. You're taking the time to do this job, so do it right and be thorough.




Apply two coats to apply the primer coat. This will help create adhesion for the paint color coat.




If using the suggested SEM Self Etching Primer, allow it 60 minutes to cure, in 60F - 72F temp environment. before applying the color coat. Otherwise if using different primer, read the instructions on the can.




Apply 5 coats of Rustoleum Engine RED Enamel paint, in 5 minute intervals between each coat.




Allow color coat to cure for at least 4 hours in 60F - 72F temp environment before applying 3 coats of Rustoleum Automotive Enamel CLEAR paint in 5 minute intervals.




Rustoleum Automotive Enamel CLEAR gaves the color coat a high gloss and smooth finish.


I will allow the paint and clear coat to air dry cure for 24 hours before I'll handle the pieces again for re-assembly onto the c70 case panels.








While I've got the side panel apart, I'll use this opportunity to swap out the factory perforated fan hole window to custom replacement Corsair c70 window with an "Anti-Mac" frosted transparent vinyl window decal.


Stay Tuned for next update!

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....I'm really liking the Red Trim on this case




Backside of White Corsair C70 side panel




Comparison of factory Corsair C70 window and laser cut C70 replacement smoked window, http://mnpctech.com/mnpctech-clear-case-pc-panels/corsair-c70-window-replacement-clear-fan-holes-120mm/




The Red paint on the Corsair C70 trim has cured for 24 hours and ready for re-installing.




Anti-Mac Skull decal applied to backside of the window. It looks like laser etched surface.




Backside of the C70 panel with plastic trim re-installed first.





Place the Black rubber grommets over the mounting pegs on backside of the Corsair C70 plastic window trim.




Re-use the Corsair C70 factory screws to re-attach the window to the side panel.




New Corsair C70 replacement window installed.


Next stage is adding LED lighting!

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After the Red paint has cured for 24 hours, you can re-install the trim on the bezel. Use Scotch brand low tack Blue Painter's tape to temporarily hold the trim before flipping bezel onto it's face.




Apply a drop of Krazy or Super glue to remaining trim pegs protruding through their mounting holes. Allow to cure for 5 minutes, then gently peel off the painter's tape.






The painted trim re-installed on the White Corsair C70 side window and front bezel.

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Dangit. Now I want to paint the inside of my case white.


Nice job dude. Always impressive even with just minor touches. ;)


Also. With the engine paint do you need a clear coat over it or does just the paint do. I'm gonna snow the case structure of my x9...... And a lot of sanding later primer and paint I need it to last.

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