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There is a cat in my car engine


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So, I had to make a run to home depot before they closed today

and after that I decided to go the chicken express in the same parking lot to get a snack and an Iced Tea.


while I was in the drive through

I heard this cat meow'ing.

meow, meow, meow.


now I have been here many times before and I knew there was a black cat living here.

so I got out of my car and I saw the black cat so I put some food down and left.


but then when I got to the stop light I heard some more meow'ing.

can this silly cat be following me home?

not possible I thought so I left.


I only live about 3 stop lights away

and I parked in the community garage and as I walked away

I heard some more meow'ing!

this can't be, did the cat get inside my car?


so i had to go inside get some flash lights then look around underneath the car and in the engine

and I found a baby cat hiding on the oil pan guard.


at first, I thought, did I just kidnap a cat from the chicken express?

but then I remember'd a bunch of cats live across a field from where I am

and I saw another cat hiding in the distance from where my car was parked.


so i am pretty sure I took this baby cat on a tour of the neighborhood and brought him back home

it has been raining for the past 4 days

maybe that is why he is hiding in there

but I will be leaving town monday, I sure hope he gets out before then.


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he is not stuck

when I shined the light I can see his head poking out

but when I try to touch him hides away

I think his mom is nearby

I saw 2 cats run around outside when I took the dog out maybe it was them

I'll check before I leave though 

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One time I noticed something off with my truck after I started it.  It was so long ago I don't even remember what made me pull over after a couple blocks and look under the hood.  Maybe a ticking noise or something.  So with the engine running I pop the hood and see my fan blade isn't turning.  Then I see a cat pinned down between one of the blades and the fan shroud.  So I run and shut the engine off.  At first I thought for sure it was dead but after taking a closer look he's just chilling and looking back at me kind of dazed like.  It won't get out by itself so I gently shift the fan around to where it's not pinned anymore and eventually he just kind of slides out as if his legs don't work.  So now he's sitting under the truck and not running away like you'd expect a cat to do.  I reached for him still expecting him to run off or hiss or something but he just let me pet him still looking kind of out of it.  After about 20 seconds of being freed he finally gets up and calmly walks to the sidewalk.  He looked roughed up like he got in a fight with a weedeater but he was alive and walking and no blood or cuts that I could see.  I would have taken him home with me but he just kind of trotted off when I went for him.  He definitely used up one of his nine lives that day.

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Back in the day, my cat got in my car engine. I went to the garage and started the engine, heard a thumping noise, turned of the engine and lifted the bonnet.

My cat had a broken tail and she was obviously in pain. It took about twelve hours for a vet to ring back. His boss got up him over that.

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