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Nice New Clean Start

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tomorrow i'm gonna pick up my Aopen H700 black bigtower.

i really wanna mod this thing like hell but don't really have great ideas for it.


the nicest idea i've got so far is for the side....

i wanna make a side window and make a pentagram (or anything really evil muhahahaha) out of my old case's side to put that onto the window.i'll bet that looks good.


any ideas?


BTW...i was thinking about lights....i want red...i might put one onto the bottom with a mirror just to camouflage the light.(?)

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blood i put a mirror lining the bottom interior of my chieftec, not only does it make a cold cathode on the bottom like 2x brighter, but it looks cool when you look down into case and it looks like the case extends into my desk where there is another motherboard, upside down. looks awesome. like a magic trick

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