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10 Gigabit Fiber and Switch Solutions Launched by TRENDnet


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TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, has officially launched its own line of 10 Gigabit fiber and switch solutions, which support all types of business network applications. Three new fiber SFP+ modules make up the new 10 Gigabit category by TRENDnet, and while they are available for immediate purchase, the company’s two 10 Gigabit web smart switches that round out the 10GE product family will not be available to be bought until late spring 2016. Model TEG-10GBS40 successfully spans distances up to 24.9 miles and supports up to 10.3Gbps networking throughput speeds, while model TEG-10GBS10 spans distances up to 6.2 miles and supports up to 10.5Gbps networking throughout speeds. Additionally, model TEG-10GBSR spans distances up to 1,804 feet and supports up to 10.5Gbps networking throughput speeds. Sonny Su, the Technology Director at TRENDnet, noted that "As 10 Gigabit technology becomes more established, cost effective solutions, such as TRENDnet's new 10 Gigabit fiber and switch solutions, become available to help businesses manage their networks by providing additional bandwidth and improved performance."

The TEG-10GBS40, TEG-10GBS10, and TEG-10GBSR can be purchased from major retailers and other authorized TRENDnet partners, and feature an MSRP of $1,499.99, $259.99, and $144.99, respectively.

Source: Press Release

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