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Good for gaming? Good value?

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500W PSU and liquid cooling for the cpu, might need to upgrade the psu if you replace the 745, might not have the cables needed, idk. That and the motherboard probably doesn't allow for overclocking

mobo link: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04872085


Did you go onto a website like pcpartpicker and see if you can come up with a comparable build for the same price?

I'm sure others here know better, just put up some info out there

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I have been compiling a build on the site, but I don't have a "baseline" to judge anything by. I saw this & was wondering how it rates as a gaming machine. I've never gone beyond adding a GPU & PSU to a pre-built machine and the amount of options on that site is slightly overwhelming. I'm just trying to get an idea of the best options for an upper midrange gaming PC with future proofing in mind. $1300-1500 budget. Only case & internals needed

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that mb on the hp is bottom end, you would fry it if you tried any type of oc, that's if it would even let you try, the video card would do the lowest setting of graphics on the newer games, if it would even run some of them. For that kind of money you could build a much better pc. :nono:

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