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Soyo Dragon 2 Platinum

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I have never overclocked a thing on a computer in my life and this is the first comp I have built by myself. What do you guys think about the SY-P4I875P Dragon 2 (Platinum Edition)? Would it be a good board to overclock and how much would I be able to over clock it? I ordered water cooling so I could start over clocking. Here's the specs of my comp:


Intel Pentium 4, 2400 MHz 133MHz external bus


1 x 512MB PC2100

Audigy Gamers 2

180 GB HD

SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 (Platinum Edition)


I haven't even started to mod my comp yet but I know what I am going to purchase.

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I would recommend against a Soyo board. They are rather cheap, and fall right alongside ECS, PC chips, matsonic, etc. in terms of quality. Good choice of chipsets, though. The 875 chipset is a very good one. Also, that ram you have listed is going to hold back your overclock a bunch because it's already running at max rated speed. You'll want some pc2700 at LEAST to really oc.


Edit: Welcome to OCC! B)

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I have a soyo dragon plus kt600 and am overclocked to 2.16 on a xp2500.Its serving me well so far but i just wish it was offered with an nf2 chipset!Anyway, I think soyo is a "decent" board but for overclocking next time Ill go with Asus or Gigabyte :withstupid:

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