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Linux compile makefile help

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I have been working on recreating the folding cd. The current version from sf always faild to compile. I need some tourtials about commands within the file so i can disect and troubleshoot. I have tried upgrading the kernel but there is always a sib-make error.


Any pointers would be helpful.



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It's been said that,.. make is a complex beast - insane amounts of in-depth stuff to learn, particularly if you intend to read or use other people's makefiles.

I've learned make and gcc a few times, and there is just too much their too remember -- i.e., once you have a build environment going you are likely to forget the intricacies.


So as a piece of advice I would suggest not learning them.

Instead pick one of the good tools out there that abstract make,.. and autotools away (the way an IDE like Netbeans does).

You might want to "learn" one of those tools instead.


One such tool is CMake,..  https://cmake.org/.


And more information than you will ever need is in GNU Make Manual,.. http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html.


Additionally, there are a few good books available in the market like Linux Kernel Development (3rd Edition) by Robert Love and Linux Device Drivers (3rd Edition).

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