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Finally did the swap - HAF 932 to Cosmos II

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My trusty HAF 932 has been the home of my rig for a long time. Lots of room, can fit massive radiators up top in push/pull, etc.


But, I've had a Cosmos II sitting in the basement for damn near 2 years now that I only briefly used.


Time to mod!


I didn't take many pictures of the progress because I'm terrible at that, but my main goal was to get the radiator into the bottom of the case so that I didn't have to deal with the bleeding process from hell that was my system with a top-mounted radiator.


Without further adieu -


Fast forward to the bottom of the Cosmos II fully modded. I told you I suck at taking pictures along the way! I drilled out the supports (really, they aren't needed) so I could fit the massive RX360 radiator along with push/pull Yate Loons.




Nobody every complained about too many SSDs. 480 GB boot drive, 240 GB "stuff" drive, and a 512 GB quad-drive RAID 0 array for games. :D




All buttoned up and a bit blurry because, again, I suck at non-review pictures. :P




As clean as I felt like making it today. Pardon the flash, but I was very done with wiring, filling, and routing at this point.




Low and slow...low speed Corsair fans evacuate hot air and cool the VRMs.




I have to make a nice cover plate for the .5 high slot where the original dual hot-swap bays were located...apparently they're 1.5 5.25" bays tall. And yes, the wall is pink. I'm changing that this fall. :lol:




It's a beast and it runs a bit cooler than before. :)

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Go from one big case to an even bigger one! Looks nice, and it's quite clean wiring, even if you say otherwise. :lol:



So, was there a threat of sleeping on the couch if he didn't pay more attention to the Clemson game?

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Glad to see I'm not the only one with a crowded desk!

I really need to clean mine up. I have everything from RAM to CPUs to SSDs laying around on it. :lol:

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