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The easy way of overclocking

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Its been a month since setting my new shiny hardware, more over its been years i have overclocked from my previous build.

Now, as i have the opportunity and with very little time to spare, i have managed to push this setup to a stable overclock. "AIR Only".


Ill just go ahead and share pics so it all comes down to visual explanation.


CPU: [email protected], [email protected] (Noctua NH-U14s)

M.b: z97-A-usb3.1

Ram: Kingston HyperX fury [email protected]

Gpu: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 (Using default cpu fan for extra air out behind the card)


I did push the cpu to about 4.8ghz, then i just liked 4.6ghz for 24/7.

And yes, Temperatures are all good, nothing above 65c, room is A/C 24/7, so temperature are very much under control. 





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No overclockers on overclockersclub?  :teehee:


I only recently joined a few months ago. And the forum activity, in this section is rather low. Maybe some of the mods are in vacation? /shrug


4.6Ghz on Air is exactly what I'm doing with my i7-2600k and we also have the same heatsink. :)

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I agree, activity on the forum itself has reduced.

Not sure if its just members presence is missing or the site is left to fend for its self with few updates now days.


anyway. Will not expect much traffic for my post. Lets rap up things. The show is over guys. Thank you.

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