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GeForce GTX 980 May be Coming to Laptops

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Many of the higher end laptops you can purchase today feature discrete GPUs that have been designed for the mobile platform. As you can guess, this puts certain restrictions on the performance of the GPUs, so they will not match the performance of their desktop counterparts. According to some recent rumors though, NVIDIA may be getting ready to put the same GPU found in the GTX 980 into laptops.

Rumors popped up a while ago about this possibility, with code names like GTX 990M and GTX 980Mti. Now the rumors are suggesting that the performance of this new GPU, whatever the name may be, could come in around the performance of a GTX 980M SLI. As it is a GTX 980M SLI setup can beat a desktop GTX 980. The TDP of this monster chip, based on the same GM204 architecture of the GTX 980 is supposed to vary between 100 and 185+ Watts, while the desktop GPU has a TDP of 165 W.

Due to the high power requirements and the necessity of custom cooling systems, this new GPU will likely be soldering directly to laptop motherboards, and will not be something you can install on your own. Potentially we could be seeing laptops launching with this by the end of September, but expect it to cost a lot, with some estimates putting it at double the cost of a GTX 980M. We will just have to wait and see.

Source: NotebookCheck

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