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how do I add sound to the action center quick actions in windows 10?

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I know how to change the 4 quick actions in settings -> notifications

but sound does not show up


how can I add sound to the right of windows 10 in the action center that slides out?

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you know, windows 8 had sound in the action center

why they removed it in windows 10 is beyond me

for a normal computer I would not care but for my touch screen tablet it is troublesome


I also hear about people's computers are now freezing on bootup because of the mandatory windows updates, lol

I know some people are having graphic driver compatibility problems which locks up their computer


I guess the same goofs who made management decisions on windows 8 are still employed and are now working on windows 10

they even removed windows updates from the control panel, why, I have no idea... now it's in your PC settings. 

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