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Does a dying case fan smoke?

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yesterday I smelled alot of burning

I thought maybe a moth flew into the halogen light or something


today, I turned my computer on and immediately heard noise and saw smoke coming out of the top of my case

(at the top is a fan)


this fan had been making noise for a long time and sometimes spinned off balance

is it possible for them to smoke?

grease in the bearing or something?


normally smoke and popping i would guess it to be a capacitor but the smoke only came out the top fan and immediately as i powered on the computer

I am still checking around on the computer but I already removed the fan out and powered it on and can't find anything else

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When something shorts out and creates enough amperage then there is the potential for smoke and or fire.


Especially when Waco sets fire to his motherboard. please use class D fire extinguisher.

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I pulled the fan off and you can see at the bottom of the picture,

the PCB board is discolored

probably from burning on the other side

count another mystery solved, thanx myth busters


this is the case fan that pulls air upward out of the top of the case

for some reason it is always far dustier than the others

maybe because it is the main fan venting air from the CPU cooler?




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OK, I got some antec truequiet fans to try out

but while messing around in the case I found something serious


this sata power to 4 pin molex melted

I think it was on the same power line as the fan that caught on fire


I never use the bluray so i was surprised when I saw this


so the important question:

is my power supply faulty?

or could this be collateral damage from the fan catching on fire on the same line?



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