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Mafia 3 is Official; Full Reveal Set for August 5


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The rumors have been around for ages, but now, finally, 2K Games has confirmed that Mafia 3 exists and will be officially unveiled at Gamescom next week (since E3 came and went without a word). A teaser image of the reveal date appeared on Twitter earlier today, with the trailer reveal set for 8am EST on August 5. Not a whole lot is being said about Mafia 3 right now, except that it is the next installment in the franchise (obviously) and is being developed by new studio Hangar 13. Haden Blackman, formerly of LucasArts, is leading the team at Hangar 13, and he teased a super secret project at the new studio when he joined. Now that we know it's Mafia 3, the speculation can begin on where and when the new game is set. Judging by the cars in the teaser image, it looks to be the 1970s or so, and in a swamp or bayou since there are alligators in the water. This would be the latest a Mafia game has been set, but opens up a whole new world of possibility for the story, location, and experience.

Check back on August 5 to see the first trailer for Mafia 3 to give us the big picture on what we can expect from it.

Source: Twitter and Official Website


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