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Pictures and Performance Numbers for R9 Nano Appear


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In the quickly approaching month of August, AMD will be launching the R9 Nano, which is rumored to have a full Fiji XT core, like the R9 Fury X GPU, but in a far smaller, 15 cm long package. To achieve this and keep within its 175 W TDP, it will almost certainly feature lower clock speeds, so the question on many people's minds is just how well it will perform. The folks at WCCFtech found at IYD.KR pictures of the card and notes that, after some quick math, indicate the Nano was able to achieve 24.0 FPS in the Unigine Heaven benchmark at 4K, with the Extreme preset and no anti-aliasing. Not too bad for a card that can fit into mini-ITX casing.

Now all we need is it to finally release.

Source: WCCFtech


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