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Realtek Hopes to Regain Market Share with New Dragon Onboard LAN Solution


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Motherboard manufacturers for years have been utilizing Intel and Killer Ethernet chips on a variety of enthusiast products, mainly due to the lower latency, lower driver overhead, and other advantages that the chips offer. This move by motherboard manufacturers has placed Realtek on the back burner, but the company is hoping that it can regain some of its lost market share with a new onboard LAN solution known as the Realtek Dragon. Making up the latest onboard LAN product from Realtek is the new RTL8118AS, a PCIe gigabit Ethernet PHY that apparently has been refined to offer lower driver overhead for traffic with small UDP packets, something that should improve network performance with multiplayer games. Additionally, the Realtek Dragon boasts lower power consumption when compared with competing solutions, such as the Killer E2200 from Qualcomm.

The new Realtek Dragon will make its debut to the market on various GA1151 motherboards by ECS, which should feature the latest branding for the Ethernet chip.

Source: TechPowerUp


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