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Security Researcher Uses RF to Improve Anonymity


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Ben Caudill, a security researcher at Rhino Security Labs, is planning to show off a "hardware proxy" that he created called ProxyHam at the DefCon hacking conference next month. With this device Caudill hopes to make it more difficult to find Internet users that wish to remain anonymous through the use of proxies. The ProxyHam works by connecting over Wi-Fi then relaying the signal using a 900MHz radio connection over a "range of between one and 2.5 miles depending on interference from the landscape and buildings." The device can be plugged in anywhere with access to the Internet with "a dark corner of a public library" recommended by Caudill. A ProxyHam can be built for $200 with a Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi card, and 900MHz antenna and Caudill plans to offer it to DefCon attendees at cost. The original vision for ProxyHam was to "protect sensitive Internet users, such as dissidents and whistleblowers, for whom tools like VPNs and even the anonymity software Tor may not provide sufficient security." Caudill plans to make further improvements to enhance the security offered with technology such as accelerometers. Security technologist from The Intercept Micah Lee commented on the ProxyHam stating "It seems like a thing to augment your Tor usage rather than replace it. In that sense, it seems like a good idea."

Source: Wired

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