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Breaking Nanoscale Adhesion with Lasers

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Chances are we are all familiar with the staying power of glitter, as it somehow manages to cling to us long after we thought we removed it. As frustrating as glitter may be, imagine if you were working with nanostructures and had to separate them from whatever they are attached to. Some separation methods do exist, but they often require specific materials be used, but now researchers, supported by the National Science Foundation, have discovered that lasers could do the job without restrictions.

One method to create nanostructures is akin to using a rubber stamp on paper, but the ink is a semiconductor. To remove the nanostructures from the stamp, a sticky receiving surface can be used, or a sturdy material that can survive touching the surface, but either method requires the material is not fragile. This new laser method however can allow for more fragile materials to be used by separating the nanostructure from the stamp without damaging it. This will then allow for more advanced device to be created, using those new materials.

Source: National Science Foundation

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