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Z97 needed part 2!

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It isn't a new build, so I guess this is an appropriate place.

I tried to change everything except watercooling to Dan's older tower. It would not load the Win 7 OS.

I then installed the Z97, 16 gig of Geil EVO Potenza 9-9-9-28 (@1600) RAM, and i7-4790K. Also a watercooled Asus 980 Strix, in My 9 year old T/T full tower. (Trusty T/T p500 waterpump is still running)

Tried to install a new OEM of Win7 and had the same problem. (Error Code 0X80300024)

Dan's trusty iPad found the problem. UEFI wont work with something on the hard drives.

I used the old CPU T/T cooler from the AMD rig on the CPU and had to muck about with screws and nuts.

Wallah ................ Rig runs nicely.

I had asked about BIOS before. So I thought I'd mention that my BIOS is 0401. (0401 doesn't appear anywhere on the ASUS website)

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