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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut Announced, Free to Existing Owners of the Trilogy


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With Van Helsing III releasing back in May, concluding the trilogy, you would think that developer NeocoreGames would be done with the series, but not so fast. Today, NeocoreGames announced The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, which the studio says is its way of giving back something to the loyal community.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut is a standalone product that combines the campaign content of all three games with modified or additional content. Players get to choose from the six playable classes featured in Van Helsing III from the very beginning and play through all the campaign content with a campaign level cap of 80, which can be increased to 100 in additional game modes. Players will be able to create a new character or start right at level 80 so they can fully enjoy the endgame content, which will include 20 randomly generated scenario maps, daily quests, challenges, and weekly events, all the tower defense game modes, and four refined multiplayer modes (4-player co-op, touchdown, arena, and battle royal).

The best part is, if you have been a loyal Van Helsing fan and own all three games of the trilogy on Steam, you'll receive the Final Cut for free! If not, it'll cost $44.99. The Final Cut is planned for a September 2015 release via Steam. Non-Steam Windows and Mac versions are planned for a later date.

With "remastering" and "HD remakes" all the rage these days, milking consumers for more money, it's always nice when a developer truly rewards its loyal fans and shows appreciation. NeocoreGames could have simply offered a discount to existing owners and most fans would have been completely satisfied with that, but the studio decided to go the extra mile, and it should be applauded for that.

Source: Press Release


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