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Sorcerer King Exits Early Access on July 17


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Sorcerer King, from game and software developer Stardock, will be exiting Early Access on July 17. Originally released October 2, 2014 to Steam Early Access, the game is a turn-based, fantasy 4X featuring asymmetric gameplay. Unlike traditional 4X games, your enemy, the Sorcerer King, has already won the war and conquered much of the world, and is now working to obtain godhood, while you fight to survive and gain the power to kill him while there is still time. The Sorcerer King and his minions are not your only adversaries though, as other factions are fighting over the resources you all need.

Being an Early Access title, you can purchase it now and start playing the beta immediately, ahead of the July 17, full release date.

Source: Sorcerer King Forums

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