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"How Do Video Game Publishers Continue To Get Away With Mistreating Their Customers."

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Everyone always rushes out to pre-order games, but it's a crapshoot more often than not. Warner Bros. has been striking out lately on the PC side with shoddy ports, like Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight. MKX is just now starting to get to where the console versions are, outside of the net code, but it's taken months to get there. Arkham Knight was such a terrible port WB has actually pulled it off of Steam until it can get things fixed. Well, maybe if it didn't outsource the port to the lowest bidder, we wouldn't be having this kind of a problem.


People complain about the Assassin's Creed games being the same exact thing year in, year out, yet they keep buying them. Same for Call of Duty, same for Battlefield, and others. People buy them, so companies keep making them with just a change of setting and some new feature or two. They buy it expecting it to be different, are disappointed it isn't, then they see a new one announced and go, "this one will be different!" And the cycle just repeats.

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