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LF LP ram for a large aftermarket CPU cooler.

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hi, the new ram I am wanting to buy is the G.Skill Ares 8GB 1866c9 low profile, primarily to fit under the big air cooler I'm intending to buy with the ram. The ram is about $50 atm, which is my current budget, but it can be $15-$25 more depending on the performance gain. Is this a good choice or should I go higher speed if it makes a noticeable performance difference at a reasonable cost, or back at 1600 if there is no significant difference at all?



In case you are wondering, I am building a semi-new gaming rig. The parts are a mix of old and new.


Antec 300 Illusion

Antec Neo Eco 620c (3 yrs old FWIW, hopefully this will have a few more years in it)

AMD mobo ---> ASRock Z97 Killer

AMD Phenom II X4 960T OC @ 4GHz ---> i5-4690k OC @ 4.5ghz

Hyper 212 EVO ---> Phanteks PH-TC14PE (in the unlikely event the CPU needs 1.35V to reach 4.5Ghz, and it's $55 AR atm :P)

AMD GPU ---> EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ (04G-P4-3975-KR) OC +100mhz

G.Skill Ripjaws X 8gb 1600c9 (won't work with the new cooler, even if fan is moved above it, it will protrude outside the case according to my calculations) ---> G.Skill Ares 8GB 1866c9 (to fit under the Phanteks cooler :))

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