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Oculus Announces the Rift Consumer VR Headset; Arrives Q1 2016


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Oculus is kicking off its E3 press conference a little early, as it is holding its event today to get a leg up on the gaming news. Oculus has officially unveiled its first consumer virtual reality headset, the Rift, and it packs two OLED screens to give us exceptional clarity and a broad field of view. The Rift's tracking system has been refined from earlier models to reduce latency a great deal, with a small external sensor replacing the webcam-like sensor for movement tracking. That sensor can be placed on your desk and shouldn't be an eyesore on it. A pair of headphones has been integrated into the Rift to provide the 360° immersion, but you can remove those in favor of your headphones if you desire. The Rift is said to be rather lightweight and is put on much like you would a hat, and good news for eyeglass wearers is that Oculus has designed it to better accomdate eyeglasses. Hopefully that means no more constant readjusting or added pressure.

The Oculus Rift uses a controller called the Oculus Touch that comes in a paired model, one for each hand, to move around in games. The Touch features a circular shape with an analog stick, touch button, and two face buttons on each controller. Haptic feedback is supported on the Touch so you can manipulate and feel what you're doing in VR, and should provide for some interesting experiences.

Of course, traditional controllers are also supported, as the Rift can use an Xbox One controller for more familiar gaming. The Xbox One controller and wireless PC receiver will be bundled with each Rift headset, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, and will work seamlessly with Windows 10. EVE: Valkyrie, Chronos, and Edge of Nowhere will support the Rift at launch, with more expected to be announced during E3. If you have an Xbox One in your house, well good news, because you can stream your Xbox games to the Rift for full VR gaming. Those games will be projected in a simulated living room, much like watching something in Oculus Cinema. Indie game developers are being encouraged to create games to use the Rift, with Oculus offering a $10 million prize.

The Oculust Rift will arrive in the first quarter of 2016, although an exact date and price were not announced at this time.

Source: Engadget and PC Gamer


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