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Alrighty Occ its been a while but I have some things for sale this time and I figured I would offer them up to the site that began my overclocking adventure.  


First I have an ASUS P8P67 DELUXE board.  I really liked this board it is, after all, the deluxe.  I've just upgraded, I need money for school, and its just sitting around atm.  Unfortunately I do not have sata cables for it.  Also if you are looking to overclock with this board, I could never get it to do so after a bios update.  I have talked to ASUS over and over about it but they couldn't help me besides wanting me to send it in to replace the bios chip.  Therefore I'm only asking $65 for this one.


The second board is an ASRock H77-M.  This board had absolutely no problems with during my usage with it.  I was able to overclock my chip just fine.  I just went for an upgrade to try and push further and again I'm in need of some money and its just sitting around.  I'm asking $75 for this one since it hasn't had any problems.  One thing is that I only have the I/O shield for this board because I only got the I/O shield when I purchased it.  If interested PM me or comment and I'll get back to you!



Pics of both:



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