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IVI's 8th Bake (HP Pavilion G7)

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I'm 'bake' for another laptop revival of a friend's HP Pavilion G7 since my last HP lol (over 2 years ago for my dad's laptop).



Baked as per my usual method:
1. Disassemble down to as bare circuitry as you can (it seemed all the laptop stickers/covers I couldn't remove were plenty resistant to the high heat, but still do the best you can)

2. Find a flat cooking tray and lay out a sheet of aluminum foil (may not need the foil but I have used it for both my bakes)

3. Preheat oven to 395F.

4. Once oven has reached its cruising temp of 395F, you can load up the board/tray into the oven, I try to put it as central a rack as I can so it gets as even a bake as possible.
***I'd set your timer(s) prior to this to ensure perfect timing...luckily I have a triple row timer that lets me have 3 different countdowns***

5. Timing:
Stage 1: 9 minutes and 30 seconds (baking)
Stage 2: 30 seconds cool down (oven closed, heating element off)
Stage 3: 30 minutes cool down (oven cracked just enough to let the hot air vent out slowly)

6: The board should be cool by this point and you can begin to reconstruct its working components back onto it (cooler: GPU, accessories: motherboard ... etc.)




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Yeah hopefully he gets longer than exactly a year which is what my dad's laptop and 8800GT lasted after their bakes

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You should start a business: IVI's Bakery, for all your baking solutions!

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