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Ready for my second build!

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I recently graduated college and got a very good job making 6 figures. I decided to let my wife take this PC over (You can view this build in profile), and to build myself an epic PC that will not need to be upgraded for years to come.

I want it to be super clean looking, I don't mind some lights on the case but nothing too flashy (My HAF build has just enough lighting to not make me go crazy). I will be using it to mostly play games, do some video editing, and just everyday PC use. I have been out of the PC world for the last few years while i finished college, so I am not sure what has changed or what's good anymore.

I mostly wanted some recommendations on:





I will likely be getting

-EVGA Titan x1 or EVGA 980 classified x2 SLI.

-i7 4790K Devil's Canyon (Not sure if something better coming out sooner or if the 6 core's that are out are better?)


I want to use PC for Gaming, video editing, storage, and everyday PC use. *Budget is not an issue, but I don't want to go too crazy ($3500-$5000?)


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Be sure to get a 1440P IPS monitor that overclocks to 110Hz! :P


PSU's, choice is pretty simple, Corsair, Seasonic, and EVGA Supernova, as long as they're Gold or Platinum rated.


RAM doesn't make much difference, imo.


Cases, I recently liked the NZXT H440 case, but there's a lot of good cases out there.


Motherboard, I always go ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. MSI have been doing better on their motherboards, probably starting to compete with ASUS and Gigabyte at the higher-end enthusiast level.

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Cases are personal preference, people will mostly recommend their favorite to build in. I have taken a shine to the fractal design cases.


Gigabyte boards have always treated me well but ASUS is known for their quality and longevity.


The 980ti that is soon to launch has Much more VRAM and might be worth the price difference in SLI. Up to you though.

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