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Adding a fan to Cooler master HAF-X

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Hello everyone, 


I want to add another fan to my HAF-X case. There is only one room for additional fan which is at the top and away from the back panel. 


Currently the setup is standard one which is


Intake: Front 200 mm, Side 200 mm

Exhaust: Top left 200 mm, back 140 mm


The only place where I can add another one is at the top right or away from the back panel and near the RAM and drives.


So when I get it, should I use it as intake or exhaust to create the best balance of negative / positive airflow pressure?


The reason why I am thinking about this is because I live in hot environment and yes I do have the AC turned on most of the day but not all of it and I keep my PC turned on for weeks. So there will be a time when the AC will not be turned on and the PC is still running hot. In addition to the fact that recently I lost a HDD probably because of the heat or maybe the device itself might have been faulty but I'd like to make sure that case has as much airflow as possible.


I guess that it would be best to use the new fan as an intake fan. But this is only my guess and it can be right or wrong I really do not know.


Here is a photo of the case to help you imagine the situation. 




Waiting for your suggestions!!


Thanks in advance.  

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I'd go with another 200mm up in the top. Exhaust, like the other one. I have two in the top of my HAF XM and wouldn't run it any other way.

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I'm with BP.


Easiest and most effective solution should be another exhaust fan up top.

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sounds like a plan :) I will get it and use it as exhaust. Thanks, and by the way, if the extra space for additional fan allows the installation of two 120 mm fans, do you recommend going wit that or sticking the 200 mm one for better airflow?

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