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N-Type Polymer Created and Could Lead to Fast Organic Batteries


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Batteries are an essential technology for modern life, which is why so many are working on ways to improve them. Potential improvements include ways to reduce cost and accelerate their charging, amongst many other goals. Researchers at the University of Houston appear to have succeeded with those two when they discovered how to create an N-doped polymer.

For quite some time now, researchers have been interested in electrically conductive polymers. What the Houston researchers found is that naphthalene-bithiophene can be doped with lithium ions, making it very conductive, and will remain stable and reversible for thousands of charge/discharge cycles. This is a pretty big deal as polymers are much cheaper and easier to produce than the materials needed in conventional, in-organic batteries. The polymer has previously been used in solar cells and even as transistors, but this is the first time anyone has made a battery from it.

Currently, modern in-organic batteries can still store more energy, but the organic battery has them beat in charging rate as it reached 80% in just 6 seconds, and was fully charged after another 18. The researchers are going to continue to work on the polymer and try to learn more about it.

Source: University of Houston

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