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NVIDIA Receives Good News Ahead of Patent Lawsuit


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NVIDIA currently finds itself in a patent lawsuit with Samsung and Qualcomm regarding its GPUs filed with the United States International Trade Commission and US District Court in Delaware. The trial is set to take place in June, but a recently held Markman hearing has given NVIDIA favorable rulings on six of seven definitions. The purpose of a Markman hearing is "to make sure the actual trial is done on the basis of merit and facts – not needless arguing over legal definitions and context." NVIDIA Chief Administration Officer and Secretary David Shannon addressed the outcome stating, "We are very pleased with the outcome of the ruling, in which claim constructions favorable to Nvidia will be applied to six out of seven disputed claims when the judge considers the question of Samsung’s and Qualcomm’s infringement. This further strengthens the patents we have asserted, and we look forward to a full hearing in late June."

Source: WCCF Tech

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