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GIGABYTE Overtakes ASUS as Leading Motherboard Vendor


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According to recently released data that compares motherboard shipments between four different motherboard players, GIGABYTE has officially overtaken ASUS has the leading motherboard vendor. GIGABYTE successfully shipped roughly 4.7 million motherboards in the first quarter of this year, while ASUS managed to deliver around 4.5 million motherboards. While demand for motherboards in areas such as China has been steadily declining, GIGABYTE and ASUS, which together make up 80 percent of the motherboard market in China, are expected to ship nine million units each in the first half of this year alone. This number is quite different than the target of 20 million units slated by each company for the same time period, but when compared to MSI and ASRock, which are estimated to ship roughly 3 million units each in the first half of this year, GIGABYTE and ASUS are doing quite well as motherboard vendors.


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