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Can i sli "n780 tf 3gd5/OC" with "n780 tf 3gd5"


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Hi, I currently have 2 x "MSI gtx780 tf 3gd5" video cards in sli mode running 3 monitors and they are running at 95 to 100% in some games.


I have been looking to buy another card, but can't find one anywhere for a decent price.


I have found an identical card, but it is the "n780 tf 3gd5/OC" version.

All the stats are exactly the same as the "n780 tf 3gd5" except for the base / boost core clock.


Can i use the oc card with the other 2 in sli mode??




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1st:  welcome to OCC! :)


2nd: You can use it, yes.


It is wise to have all the cards at the same performance levels, so when you put in that card, be sure the baseclock is the same as the others, just to make sure everything works as it should. Other cards may have a chance not working propperly on the elevated speeds of the new card, hence downclock the newer card to the performance levels of the GPUs you have in your system now

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