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PC upgrade question


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Hello everyone!


I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card to TITAN X ( 2x-in SLI mode) but my PSU and CPU are kinda holding me back. Therefore, I need your advice. My Pc specs are:


i7 3770k -Stock

7970ghz club3d -stock

corsair vengeance 1866mhz 2x8GB-stock

Corsair 850w psu

Western digital 2tb and seagate 1tb HDD

128gb SSD corsair neutron

corsair h100i liquid cpu cooler

gigabyte z77xud5h mobo.


what would you guys suggest? is my psu powerful enough to power 2x titan x(in sli)?



Thanks in advance.



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Why not overclock your 3770K? It's a great CPU and has a great deal more to offer you for but the cost of your time.


I'd also recommend waiting to see what the R9 390X's bring to the table. You may not want the Titan X's anymore if the 390X's come and bump them out of 1st place!


hard to say whether or not your PSU will cut it, I think it will based on a power supply calculator I just ran (with Titan Blacks though) and a 4.5GHz overclock on your CPU. It gave me a draw of 673W, and I'm guessing the Titan X may be equal or more efficient than the Titan Black. And again, the 390X may be more efficient still, we shall see.

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What are you looking for in a monitor? Size, resolution, 4K, 3D capable, G-SYNC/FreeSync capable, budget?


You won't need to SLI the Titan X unless you're running multiple 4K screens. One is more than capable, especially for a $1k card. The AMD R9 390X is expected anytime between now and July (potentially), so you may be waiting for a little while.

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