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OpenPower Reveals First Round of Hardware


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The OpenPower Foundation was created near the end of 2013, and earlier today the Foundation announced its first round of hardware solutions based on the Power8 architecture at the first OpenPower Summit. The 10 announced solutions range "from servers and system boards to cards and a new chip customized for the Chinese market." Tyan introduced the TN71-BP012, a server system that will be used in an upcoming bare-metal service from IBM as part of the SoftLayer cloud. Cirrascale has created an OpenPower development platform "with the aim of helping the development of big data analytics, deep learning and scientific computing applications that can take advantage of systems with GPU accelerators." Designer PowerCore is bringing the first Power architecture chip to China with the CP1, which will be used in a line of servers from Zoom Netcom.

Source: eWeek

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