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AMD Plans To Unveil Radeon R9 300-Series at Computex


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Rumored specifications for the upcoming AMD Radeon R9 300-series graphics cards began to leak early last month, and there are new rumors that hint at when the official announcement of the new cards will be. Sources have indicated that AMD is planning to introduce the new cards during Computex in June. There were some initial plans to release a single new card at CeBIT and a few re-branded cards before Computex, but senior management demanded a "full line up" of cards to be released at the same time. The new cards could be what AMD needs to recover from a year that saw NVIDIA take significant market share in the GPU market with AMD CFO Devinder Kumar stating, "We are confident that as we get into the second half of 2015 with the launch of that [new graphics] product, we will gain back the market share which is low from my standpoint and historically."

Source: Kit Guru

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