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Terahertz Filter for Improved Data Transmission


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I would rather not guess how many 2.4 GHz signals are passing through my body right now, with the various wireless devices just within arm's reach. While this frequency has served us quite well, to further increase bandwidth it may be necessary to go to high frequencies. Potentially frequencies in the terahertz range could be used, and researchers at the University of Utah have recently created a new filter that could help bring about the necessary technologies.

As the name suggests, terahertz frequencies are one thousand times greater than gigahertz frequencies, which means they could result in one thousand times more bandwidth. There are some issues to be addressed first, including creating filters for isolating specific frequencies. What the Utah researchers have found is that certain computer-generated designs can be used to print these filters with silver-metal ink from a conventional inkjet printer. Such filters would be necessary for creating the multiple wireless channels our various devices use.

There are still other issues to address though, including terahertz sources requiring line-of-sight and having a relatively short range. However many are still working to overcome these issues and wireless terahertz chips have been used to achieve impressive download speeds.

Source: University of Utah

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