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Rebate Success Thread 2015

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ADATA Rebate

ADATA DashDrive UV150 64GB $15MIR ($15 American Express Gift Card)

**Time Frame**
Nov 16th - Mailed out rebate
Nov 23rd - Documentation Received (7 days)
Nov 23rd- Approved (7 days)

Jan 20th - Payment Sent (65 days)
Jan 28th - Received (73 days)
**Quoted vs Actual**
Just over 10 weeks, they said 5-7.
**Ease of Rebate Submission**
Typical 4myrebate, easy peasy now.
**Would you do this rebate again? (Why/Why not?)**
One of the slowest, if not THE slowest rebates I've ever had...but it came nonetheless!! The best part is the combination of this with the Mcafee rebate, turned me a little profit, so score! This is probably the last rebate I'll ever get from an order made at TigerDirect since they're going out of business soon :( . RIP to them, I had nothing but good luck and fantastic MIR/FAR deals from them. Newegg's shitty discounts, and super slow rebates will never compare. (not to mention Newegg has a warehouse in NJ so there's tax). But yeah this'll probably be my last rebate post here for a while since the well has dried up :cry:

Cost of item $4.17-$15 Rebate=$10.83+Stamp (Continued from post #57)

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