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MSI GT72 Dominator Pro featuring nVIDIA GTX980M graphics review


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MSI Computers have shifted to Gaming market and gotten more and more attention in recent years.

Couple years ago, I found out that expanding MSI product line not only enhance various products but also elevate MSI repute in users mind.

Recently, MSI has published a high end 18

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Rear I/O

From left to right : Lock \ 2 X Mini-DisplayPort \ HDMI \ RJ45 jack \ DC in

Large set of blood-red vents on two sides



Right I/O

From left to right: BD-RE BU20NODD \ 2 X USB 3.0



Left I/O

From left to right : 4 X USB 3.0 \ Line-in \ Line-out \ Mic-in \ Headphone-out \ SD (XC/HC)



The hinge design of GT70 is 2 small ones, on GT72 it became 2larger strong ones, it

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CPU => 601 cb

CPU(Single Core) => 141 cb




Fritz Chess Benchmark => 27.25/13081

FRYRENDER Running Time => 5m 14s



PCMARK7 - 6535



GT72 features Intel Core i7-4980HQ, the most powerful performance in Notebook CPU.

It did test single core, multi core CPU previously, and the result is competitive as Desktop

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FAR CRY 4 is one of the gaming heavyweights also requires high-end hardware.

Testing was performed at 1920?1080 with Ultra in-game settings.

Front scene - 141 FPS



Other scene - 68FPS

FAR CRY 4 is an extremely exquisite game , and even unhindered while full loading .



At mobile platform, GTX 980M is much powerful than previous GTX 880M.

Look up Desktop, GTX 980 and 980M are very close on the performance.

It helps Notebook sphere a lot in 3D performance, shrinking the gap between these two platforms.

nVIDIA GTX 980M could be suitable for most of 3D game series and own an advantageous position.


GT72 2QE Dominator Pro features perfect storage devices.

Since Super RAID 3 with 256GB SSD X4 + 1TB HDD 7200rpm , It transfer into M.2 , KINGSTONE RBU-SNS8100S3256GD1 256GB,

C: 256GB M.2 SSD X 4?actual capacity : 952GB

AS SSD Benchmark - 1875

Seq Read - 1360.28 MB/s Write - 1146.47 MB/s

4K - 64Thrd Read - 601.59 MB/s Write - 528.48 MB/s




SSD Benchmark - 7139.09

ATTO DISK Benchmark above 64k , it will reach read speed : 1539Mb/s?load speed : 1322 MB/s


Seq Read - 1311 MB/s Write - 1132 MB/s



GT72 designed with M.2 SSDs expandable 4 slots, and empty more space than mSATA .

Although SATA3 SDD is better than M.2 SSD, M.S SSD still offers high bandwidth and expandability

Super RAID 3 features SSD is extremely fast.

You could refer the test results, it brings Gaming laptop into speeding-storage level.


Temperature : 22? , CPU cooling testing

GPU with nVIDIA GTX 980M, full loading .

Turn off Cooler Boost 3 , standby mode : 42?~45?



Turn on Cooler Boost 3 , standby mode : 30?~33?



Turn off Cooler Boost 3?running LinX 0.6.5 with CPU full loading : 80?~87?



Turn on Cooler Boost 3?running LinX 0.6.5 with CPU full loading : 72?~77?



In past days, MSI GT70 is weaker than DELL Alienware in cooling system.

However , we improve our cooling system in GT72 .

The previous test result shows that dual-fan design with plenty of heat pipes not only cool the GPU or CPU ,

but much obvious when turning on Cooler Boost 3 -- 12? differ by standby mode , 8~10? differ by full loading .

It is quit quiet during using GT72. As long as turning on cooler Boost 3 would come out some noise but it is below acceptance.


With SteelSeries KINZU V2 gaming mouse, the look and feel are so excellent.

DPI : 3200CPI?3600FPS?65IPS

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