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what is an easy Flight Sim?


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I have just read PC Powerplay. An Aussie mag that listed the (supposedly) top ten flight sims.

They used to be my favourite genre, until they seemed to disappear.


My last good one was IL2-Stormovik until something seemed to go wrong with it.

This game seems to have evolved to IL2-Stormovik 1946.

Do any members play it? And does my rig need to be more powerful for todays flight sims?


A game that caught my attention was Rise Of Flight. The reviews seem to say it is somewhat hard.

Anybody play it?


A typical problem for me is DCS A10. I cant fly it because it is a heavy duty sim. I just want to press the start button, go full throttle, get in the air and shoot things. And I'd prefer WW1.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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