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Why do I never experience screen tearing?


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I have a pretty old monitor

it was expensive and good quality when it first came out

but it is about 7 years old now and LCD prices have hit rock bottom


but one thing I always wondered, why do I not get screen tearing?

my GPU is pumping out 80-120FPS


the monitor refresh rate is 75Hz


theoretically, shouldn't I experience it?

I always have Vsync off, in fact, I dislike Vsync very much from a personal performance stand point


is screen tearing only something affected by the cheapest monitors?

or is 80FPS just not enough? do I have to be one of the silly kids who needs 3 graphics cards in tri-SLI?


I plan to upgrade to a new monitor soon, but I am wondering how to quantify the costs: is AMD Freesync and Gsync justified? 

Yes, they basically do the opposite of Vsync and smooth out the motion when the GPU can NOT put out enough frames to match the montior refresh rate, but I was wondering with a good monitor, is it something most people won't even experience? 



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Screen tearing occurs whenever the refresh rate and graphic card information aren't together. If both are in sync, then you won't notice any tearing. If they are out of sync, then you get tearing. It can happen above or below the refresh rate; if they're out of sync, you'll notice it.

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