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Monitor for raspberry Pi B+ based carputer


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Greetings, I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi model B+ with the intention of setting up a car computer. Because this unit only has HDMI video out put my options are semi limited. Meaning composite / vga monitors need not apply. I'm thinkinking I want something larger than 7 inches because the distance between the dashboard and headrest is about 40 inches. This distance is also a little long for a touch screen setup IMHO.

I'm half considering a smallish desktop display.


Also, for some unknow reason on my prototyping setup the Pi will only output HDMI safe mode. This limits the screen resolution to 640x480 and crops the screen considerably. My setup is Pi -> HDMI cable ->HDMI/DVI adapter -> KVM -> Monitor (Samsung SyncMaster S24B240). I don't want to buy something if it won't work at full screen.



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